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Poetry Review: Bright Minds Empty Souls

bright minds empty souls

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Title: Bright Minds Empty Souls

Author: Jennae Cecelia

Genre: Poetry

Publication Date: 18 Apr 2016

Publisher: Amazon Createspace

Where to buy: Bright Minds Empty Souls

Summary: “Bright Minds Empty Souls is for the hopeless romantics and those who need a friend to comfort their late night thoughts. It’s a book made with love about falling in and out of love with yourself, and others.” (Source: Goodreads)


The Good

Bright Mind and Empty Souls is a hard-hitting yet simple collection about fears, disbelief, and loss. I enjoyed Blank Canvas, Unknown Fear, Deeply Please, Cracked, Hell, and Hate. I feel that some of these poems would be great spoken word pieces. Overall, Cecelia’s words came from the heart and in the process, freed that very heart.


My only criticism of this collection is that I wish Cecelia had been even more creative with her poems as they often became repetitive. I also think the title did not fit what Cecelia’s content at times.

Why did I read it?

The cover art was intriguing. I also liked the contrast presented in the collection’s title.

Does the author have other works?

Jennae Cecelia has two other poetry collections: Uncaged Wallflower and I Am More Than A Daydream. 


Cecelia’s poetry collection is a great read, however, I think it would be a hit or miss for some. Despite this,  I am looking forward to reading her next collection, I Am More Than A Daydream.

– Melissa Jennings

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