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Poetry Review: ;recovery

;recovery by jasmine smith

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Title: ;recovery

Author: Jasmine Smith

Genre: Poetry

Publication Date: 7 Jun. 2017

Publisher: Amazon Createspace

Where to buy: ;recovery

Summary: “a collection of modern poetry surrounding the most vulnerable time – post-breakup. follow the journey of hurt on the road to recovery.”  (Source: Goodreads)


N.B. I was asked by the author to give an honest review in exchange for a free copy.

The Good

Jasmine Smith writes about a place of pain, without a doubt. The thoughts and feelings are prose-like, although written in a poetic form; this overall collection was highly reflective. One of the poems that struck me was on p.51, concerning ocean waves eroding rocks and someone’s smile etched into someone’s memory. I also found the following poem incredibly powerful and reflective of the emotions that Smith can replicate on the page:

The laughs tonight are real jokes to hide the pain (p.55)

If Smith continues to develop her writing with this particular style and clarity, Smith will easily bruise the hearts of the readers.


Smith attempts to play around with form, however, I think the author could have been more confident with this. The collection mainly concerns the themes of abandonment and replacement which repeat consistently throughout. I feel that Smith’s collection could have expanded the concepts further, as often, it felt like I was reading the same poems.

Why did I read it?

I LOVE POETRY, in case you did not know. Other than Jasmine offering a free copy of her debut collection, I was already intrigued by the title of the poetry book. A semi-colon is rather significant to me as well as the word ‘recovery’.

Does the author have other works?

;recovery is the only published poetry collection by Jasmine Smith, but I am sure there will be more to come. YAY.


I think this collection is either a hit or a miss. Everyone will have their own poetry preferences, but if Jasmine Smith wrote another collection, I would definitely pick it up as I enjoy cathartic poetry.

– Melissa Jennings

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