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Unleashing Poetry: Underworld by Melissa Jennings

 underworldMelissa Jennings

#1 – Why Underworld?

In the process of writing Afterlife, I already knew that I had more to give that Afterlife could not contain. Afterlife was simply the beginning of what I have always needed, to write authentically.

So, I knew I had to sit myself down and think of a title that has meaning to me; I also had to make sure that there was a connection to Afterlife both semantically and aesthetically. Regarding semantics, I wanted to link life and existence, as I believe they are different concepts; Afterlife equals life and Underworld equals existence. Then, with aesthetics, I desired a title that was short but still had an impact, so I thought of some synonyms for ‘afterlife’, and after a few hours, Underworld occurred to me.

#2 – What is Underworld about?

Underworld takes on the thoughts and feelings that lie underneath my skin presently and also addresses much larger issues which affect human nature entirely.

#3 – What influenced Underworld?

Dante’s Inferno, Greek mythology, elemental mythology, interesting Tumblr images, my own experiences, some of my favourite poetry, and the ocean (always the ocean).

#4 – How does Underworld differ from Afterlife?

Underworld will have a structure of some kind and will be a much larger poetry collection. Unlike Afterlife, Underworld will discuss the past colliding with the present – the ultimate internal battle.

#5 – Who is the publisher?

Amazon Createspace – my saviour.

#6 – When will it be released?


#7 – What will be the cover art?

This is undecided, but it will be in a similar style to Afterlife. I will be working on that once I have completed the collection.

#8 – Is there more to come after Underworld?

Indeed there is. But, that is to be revealed in good time.

– Melissa Jennings

In the meantime, you can read my debut poetry collection, Afterlife, and share your thoughts on Amazon and Goodreads. Happy reading!

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