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10 writing tips to get you started

how to start writing

Lack of inspiration? Struggling to articulate your thoughts clearly? Want to write but have no idea where to start?

Here are 10 tips to get you thinking and writing.

  1. Have a notebook with you wherever you go. Inspiration can strike anytime.
  2. Read a variety of texts. Change up your perspective.
  3. Do not feel pressured to write a certain way. Write the way you want to.
  4. Writing and editing are different processes. Write first, edit later.
  5. If you write something you don’t like, don’t erase it or bin it. Keep it. You can return to it at a later date with fresh eyes.
  6. Have favourite authors? Look up who are their favourite authors/influences/favourite books.
  7. Create a playlist/mood board/art/reference for your work. It helps to remind yourself of the mood, characters, themes.
  8. Know when to step away. Do not tire yourself out.
  9. In the early stages, don’t look for feedback. This can kill the idea.
  10. Have an intention in mind. Why do you want to write this story/poem/play?

Did these tips help? Let me know!

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