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Review: Through the looking glass by Leah Mainwaring

through the looking glass

Rating: ★★ (2 stars)

Title: Through the Looking Glass

Poet: Leah Mainwaring

Genre: Poetry

Where to buy: Amazon

Summary: Delve into the inner secret world of ” The looking glass “, this contemporary poetry Anthology uses reflections of nature and abstract concepts to convey our inner selves, introspection and worldly observations. An honest use of all ranges of self expression, from peaceful sunshine serenity to searing passion and morose melancholy. The imagery created through nature adds a refreshing quality throughout with insightful concepts of true depth. (Source: Goodreads)

Content Warnings: schizophrenia, themes of loneliness.

My thoughts 

For me, nature poetry has to do much more than descriptions, I have to connect with the imagery which this collection failed to do. I feel that Leah Mainwaring’s writing style would fit perfectly into a work of prose as the poems are rather personal and introspective and the thoughts in the poems could be fleshed out.

In addition, throughout the collection, there were also a few spelling and grammatical errors which were jarring to read. With regards to form, Mainwaring’s poetry would have benefitted with lesser rhyme schemes as the majority of their poetry felt forced.

Why did I read it?

Through the Looking Glass caught my attention while scrolling through Kindle. The title reminded me of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

Does the poet have other works?

According to Goodreads, no.


I just didn’t like Mainwaring’s writing style or poetry content. If you like rhyming nature poetry, then this is for you.

– Melissa Jennings

Do you like poetry that rhymes?

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