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Review: charcoal thunderstorms by Cheyenne Raine

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Rating: ★★★★

Title: charcoal thunderstorms

Author: Cheyenne Raine

Genre: Poetry

Publication: 2017, Amazon Createspace

Content Warnings: themes of threat, war, death, bodily harm,

Summary: “charcoal thunderstorms is a collection that dances with a more youthful and adventurous escape of poetry. the book has eighty poems divided into five chapters and six short stories and tales. the paperback version allows for the reader to create art within the pages where the poems dwell. there is an art to loving a storm, here is where it begins.” (Source: Goodreads)

My thoughts

*I was given a free PDF copy by the author in exchange for a review. *

charcoal thunderstorms is a wondrous poetry collection. Cheyenne’s aim of the collection is to entice the reader into remembering their childhood and their childhood imagination. As we grow older, we often forget the magic that exists in everyday life, from the sun rising in the morning to the glowing stars in the night sky.

won’t you open the door,

let in a little noise,

a little chaos,

a little bit of everything

you forgot to enjoy?

young & living, p.109

Cheyenne’s collection immerses you in different realities to remind you of what is important. The poetry book is divided into six distinct sections, 5 of which are poetry sections and the sixth and final section contains short stories. My favourite sections were royalty and war, monsters and magic, and wilderness and city. I connected to the majority of Cheyenne’s poems in these sections because I was very much an adventurous child.

i hope you are somewhere

running in a forest,

barefoot, with your wolves

running with wolves, wilderness and city, p.49

I think what is fantastic about Cheyenne’s collection is that everyone will identify with different parts of the collection. However, I struggled to connect to the short stories at the end of the collection, they were lovely to read, but I didn’t know what to take away from them. I did like ‘starting with the sea’ as it had a poetic quality and ocean metaphors are the best!

Why did I read it?

Cheyenne was looking for book bloggers to review this collection, and because I loved their other poetry collection, maroon daydreams, I just had to read the next!

Do I recommend this?

If you enjoy being whisked away to another world or to another time, then this poetry collection is for you.

Does the author have other works?

Cheyenne Raine has written other poetry collections such as maroon daydreams, lavender petals and a wild heart, and One Hundred and One.

Until next time,

Melissa (1)

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