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Ady, Elisa – The Female Animal

Aidoo, Mina – Inky Black Woman

Alighieri, Dante – Inferno (The Divine Comedy #1)

Angelillo, Giana – All Kids Go to Heaven

Angelillo, Giana – Heroin & Sugar-Cane: They All Call Me Baby


Ballah, Key – Preparing My Daughter For Rain

Banks, Matt – Unspoken Words

Boursiquot, Flose – Close Your Eyes, Now Breathe

Brenton, Howard – The Romans in Britain [LITERATURE REVIEW]

Brontë, Charlotte – Jane Eyre [THEATRE REVIEW]


Casso, Alex – The Secrets I Keep

Cecelia, Jennae – Bright Minds Empty Souls

Cecelia, Jennae – I Am More Than a Daydream

Cecelia, Jennae – Uncaged Wallflower

Chambers, Becky – The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet

Chisala, Upile – soft magic.


Debonis, McKayla – Bones in the Garden


Eliot, T. S. – The Ariel Poems


Gaskell, Elizabeth – Half A Life-Time Ago

Gomez, Gretchen – love, and you


Haddon, Mark – The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Hanson, Sophia Elaine – hummingbird

Hart, Christina – Letting Go is an Acquired Taste

Hart, Christina – Empty Hotel Rooms Meant for Us

Havens, Lydia – Survive Like the Water

Hiraide, Takashi – The Guest Cat

Hopp, Christina – Stubborn Lover


Islaih, Fida – Blossoming Heart


Krell, Mae – All The Things I Never Said

Kushner, Tony – Angels in America [THEATRE REVIEW]


Lanuza, Dawn – This is How It Starts

Laraque, Laura Ashley – Table for One

Leav, Lang – Love & Misadventure

Leigh, Shelby – It Starts Like This

Lewington, Katie – Here Comes The Sun

Lewis, Kathleen Brewin – Fluent in Rivers


MacDonald, Matthew – Who Are Your People

Mainwaring, Leah – Through the looking glass

Mansfield, Katherine – At the Bay

Mateer, Trista – [redacted]

Mateer, Trista – Small Ghost

Miller, Arthur – The Crucible [THEATRE REVIEW]

Moon, Shinji – The Anatomy of Being

Murphy, Melissa – Like a Moonless Night


Neilson, Anthony – Penetrator [THEATRE REVIEW]


Octavia, Venetta – Prelude to Light


Ravenhill, Mark – Shopping and F***ing [LITERATURE REVIEW]

Robinson, K. Y. – The Chaos of Longing


Shakespeare, William – Romeo and Juliet [LITERATURE REVIEW]

Shirazie, Noor – Into the Wildfire: Mourning Departures

Smith, Jasmine – ;recovery

Sophocles – The Theban Plays [LITERATURE REVIEW]

Sopko, Theresa – Cold Sober

Suresh, Darshana – on the border


Taylor, Jane – Ubu and the Truth Commission  [LITERATURE/THEATRE REVIEW]

Tripp, Melissa – root

Tudor, Michelle – You Are The Map

Twohy, Brenna – Forgive Me My Salt


Vowens, Ana – Pain and Passion


Wilde, Oscar – The Canterville Ghost

Williams, Tennessee – A Streetcar Named Desire [THEATRE REVIEW]


Yoon, Nicola – The Sun is Also a Star