Blog Changes!

book blog changes

Hello readers!

Just to give you all an update – this blog will be going through a few changes.

  1. I will no longer be reviewing live theatre.
  2. This site will no longer be a joint poetry and review blog, it will only be a book blog.
  3. In May 2018, my site name will change (something like “a bookish poet”, but I will alert you all again nearer the time. This is because I previously purchased a personal domain and I can’t change it until then. Boo!!!
  4. I now have an official Melissa Jennings website at melissajennings.co for all things poetry! Check there for regular updates!
  5. As university is taking up a lot of my time, there will be fewer reviews being posted. My reviews will be a lot shorter also due to time constraints.

That’s all folks!

– Melissa